escape room  Blackwater

Codename: Blackwater


There are rumors about a new chemical weapon producted by the army

Location: top secret facilities with the codename “Blackwater”

Target: get in the facilities and steal that new kind of bomb

Assemble your team and find the bomb

Don’t waste time… 


2 to 7 people

8+ years old


Location: Mastermind Korydallos (Agia Varvara)

2 people 42€
3 people 54€
4 people 68€
5 people 80€
6 people 90€
7 people 98€

Every Monday -15% discount (for that day)

With unemployment card – 10% discount
(For the player of the card holder)

Birthdays – 20% discount
(ID necessary)

Special prices for companies, groups.
The above discounts can not be combined.