The traces of young
Martha remain unknown

The police considers every scenario possible. Her family is looking for private investigators to find out what has happened. Is she alive or not? Where is she and why has she disappeared? Do you have the will and the courage to accomplish the mission?

Are you ready for every possibility?

The evidence points to a well kept secret located in Karori 6A in the center of Athens. Someone thinks he saw Martha around there sometime. There is a clinic, but looks abandoned…. Is it really?  Sometimes, light turn on, noises are heard, sometimes cries.

Make sure you dont get lost in the process

What if you put your own life at risk

while searching for clues?

Set aside your fears. Challenge the mystery!

70 min.

2 – 4 people

15+ years old


Location: Mastermind Monastiraki

2 people 34€
3 people 48€
4 people 60€

Every Wednesday -15% discount
(for that day)
With unemployment card – 10% discount
(For the player of the card holder)
Birthdays – 20% discount
(ID necessary)

Back to Back 20% discount
(Two games in a row), for the 2nd game

Special prices for companies, groups.
The above discounts can not be combined.