Hippolytus is the prince of Athens. Son of Theseus and the Amazon Antiope. Antiope with her clairvoyant abilities knows that Hippolytus is threatened by his relatives who want to take his power. To protect her son, she has made a talisman that and has hidden it in the palace.

Now that Hippolytus is 12 years old he must find the amulet. Otherwise, it will lose all its power.

The amulet is tied with riddles, spells of power and secret objects.

Hippolytus does not have time. Soon it will dawn and the amulet will become again a simple, everyday object.

Help the young prince to find it before the fifth crowing of the rooster.

Solve puzzles, find secret items and place them in the correct position and order. Only then will the amulet be revealed.

Your ally, protector and assistant, will be the goddess, Athena.


7 wonders

A journey into the ancient world and its different cultures, full of puzzles and riddles. Discover the most impressive monuments that were built in ancient times and live an adventure with your friends, today.


1 Hour

2 – 7 kids

6-8 years old


2 – 7 Kids= 70€ total amount

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