You are in a shelter where you work as maintenance workers.
Suddenly there is a leak of radioactive materials.

Security systems have been activated and the shelter is on alert.
The control center has been sealed and a self-destruct countdown has begun.

You must escape before the countdown reaches zero.
A short time separates you from salvation or… extinction!


2 – 5 people

7+ years


Location: Mastermind Monastiraki

2 people 44€

3 people 57€

4 people 72€

5 people 85€

With unemployment card – 10% discount
(For the player of the card holder)
Birthdays – 20% discount

(ID necessary)
Back to Back 20% discount
(Two games in a row), for the 2nd game

Special prices for companies, groups.
The above discounts can not be combined.